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January 23, 2018

It’s a NEW YEAR, friends! That means another 365 days of exciting opportunities and chances! Start 2018 with the right mindset regarding your finances.


This time of year is SO motivating and it’s the perfect opportunity to focus on your money! I was recently invited to visit the new Capital One Café on Miracle Mile in Miami, Florida, and I am so excited to let you in on this incredible new banking experience. Thank you to Capital One for sponsoring this post!

Whether you’re interested in creating better financial habits, choosing the perfect rewards credit card, or grabbing a cup of coffee, the Capital One Café is the perfect place to go!

What are Capital One Cafés?

Capital One has invested in opening cafés around the country designed for how people live and bank today. These days, our generation turns to technology for practically everything including banking. Stepping into a bank is basically unheard of in the younger generations. The Capital One Cafés are a new way to welcome younger bankers, bridging this disconnect, and laying a new foundation for casual banking. The Capital One Cafés are all about solving financial problems and helping you reach your financial goals. Regardless of your bank affiliation, you are able to grab a cup of joe while using their wifi, charge your electronic devices and even take part in a money workshop led by Café Ambassadors — free of charge. Yes, that’s right! FREE financial advice!

Where can I find a Capital One Café?

Currently, you can find Capital One Cafés in Boston, Chicago, South Florida, Denver, Boulder, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Richmond, San Francisco, Seattle and St. Cloud. Plans are underway to also open cafés in Austin, Portland and Washington D.C. in 2018-2019. If you live in South Florida, you can find cafés in West Palm Beach, Delray Beach and Coral Gables.

What Does the Capital One Café Have to Offer Me?

  • Free meeting rooms and nooks
  • Money workshops
  • Money coaching (Coming soon to the Miami locations)
  • Deposit or withdrawal in any denomination using Cash-Deposit ATM
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Coffee and other beverages from Peet’s Coffee and local pastries
  • Learn new digital tools through an interactive demo bar that serves as a lab for customers to experience technology that can simplify their lives and help them succeed financially.
  • Challenge your financial knowledge through interactive screens that provide educational money content.
  • Amazon Alexa products have been installed in the demo bar that allows people to manage their bank accounts using just their voice.

Capital One Café Experience on Miracle Mile

The Miracle Mile café is located in Coral Gables, an upscale area within Miami. I must say that the location of the cafe couldn’t be any better. Miracle Mile consists of many shops, bars/lounges, restaurants and art institutions. This particular area just underwent a huge roadside makeover which included paving and extending the side walk. As you approach the café, you will notice that the new paved walkway is an introduction to the open and inviting concept of the café.


Capital One has partnered with Peet’s Coffee and a local Miami bakery, Pastryisart, which serves a variety of pastries in the café. Although you don’t have to be a Capital One cardholder to enjoy all the perks of the café, if you are a cardholder, then you will receive 50% off any drink purchase from Peet’s. Pretty nice, right?!


After grabbing a cup of coffee and a snack, you can head over to one of the private spaces available on a first come first serve basis for anyone. These spaces can be used for studying, speaking to a Capital One Café Ambassador or my favorite, blogging. If you blog on the road, this is the perfect space to stop, write and have a cup of coffee. Travelling and blogging can be difficult when you’re on the road, but Capital One provides a space where you can write, ensuring the memories of your travels live on for many years to come.

There are also a few additional rooms that can accommodate approximately 6 people, which can be reserved online, free of charge, by local businesses and non-profit organizations.

You might be thinking to yourself, “How is this all free even if I’m not a Capital One cardholder?”, well that’s because Capital One is all about giving back to the community. The café is a way to connect young individuals in a relaxed and stress-free environment. To do that, they have redesigned the banking experience. That means making things really simple and straightforward and creating an experience that fits naturally into customers’ lives.


If you’re looking for a more social space, then grab a seat in the main area of the café. Don’t worry about the Wifi, because it’s free. There are also plenty of areas to charge your devices and lounge to encourage an extended stay.


I really love the iPads throughout the café that invite customers to click through short finance lessons, or take a quiz to test their money knowledge — no log-in or sign-up required. Did you know Capital One also offers Money Coaching and Money Workshops? Yup…you guessed it! It’s FREE! The better you are with your money, the more you can save for traveling or any other future financial goals. Click here to find a financial event at a local Capital One café in your area.

Across from the Peet’s coffee pick up counter, there’s a large open space with a table and an interactive screen. This room can accommodate more than 12 people and can be used for business meetings, conferences or hosting an event. You can even arrange to have beverages, snacks or meals provided in this room when booked in advance.

Don’t leave the café without playing a game of dominoes with the Capital One staff. Yes, you read that correctly — DOMINOES! I love the fact that they incorporated the national game of Cuba in this Miami café. Dominoes is a serious daily social event within the Cuban culture, however at the Capital One café the game is just another way to re-imagine banking. Another example of the café’s community focus on bringing people together and creating a natural human experience.

With more cafés opening across the country, including South Florida, Capital One is empowering people to feel confident about their relationship with money. They are avoiding the typical banking sales pitch and instead, offering an interactive environment with valuable services that inspire individuals to take charge of their finances. Whether you love traveling, drinking coffee or looking for a new banking experience, I can’t encourage you enough to visit the Capital One Miracle Mile Café and check it out for yourself!


Go in. Explore. Reimagine Banking.

You can learn more about Capital One Banking and the Capital One cafés here.

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  1. What an informative post! I always drive by the one in Delray, but didn’t realize what it had to offer until now. I’ll stop in for a cup of Peet’s coffee and check it out next time I’m in the area.

    1. Yes, it’s wonderful! So sorry to hear they don’t have any in Canada! They should consider expanding or you can move to Miami! Haha

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