Champagne Brunch and Snorkeling Tour

September 3, 2017

Champagne for Breakfast? Yes, Please!


On my recent trip to Aruba, I was invited on a Champagne Brunch and Snorkeling tour with Pelican Adventures. I cruised along on their beautiful catamaran and experienced some unforgettable snorkeling, all while sipping on some bubbly. This could surely be classified as a day in paradise right?

Shortly after about 9:30 AM, we cruised along Aruba’s crystal clear waters. We made sure to leave our worries behind and enjoy the beautiful views. The crew educated us to the rules on board, our daily schedule, how to use our snorkeling gear and also answered any questions we had.

Before beginning our snorkeling adventure, we were served breakfast, which consisted of croissants, danishes, an assortment of deli meats and cheeses and fresh fruit. The bar began pouring champagne, mimosas and Caribbean cocktails. As we sailed the ocean, we listened to Caribbean music and sea breezes while lounging on the boat.

NOTE: Open Bar is included in this tour, which consists of liquor, champagne, soda, coffee, juices, water and tea.

We admired the view and were calmed by the rhythm of the sea, as we sunbathed on the boat’s trampoline sipping on our cocktails.

After a short time, we arrived at the first of three snorkeling spots – Catalina Bay. Catalina Bay is a shallow bay with calm waters where you can see many colorful tropical fish. The crew aboard handed us our snorkeling gear and we slip on our mask, fins and snorkel and jumped into the crystal-clear water. Under the sea we swam along tropical fish as they navigated above the rocks and in between coral. We spent about 30 minutes at this location before heading off to our next stop, Antilla.

The catamaran sailed for about 15 minutes before we reached Antilla, the Caribbean’s largest underwater wreck. The Antilla is a 397 foot long German freighter that sank in 1940.

A decent amount of the wreck was visible from the surface. This area was covered in small corals and lots of colorful sponges. We encountered many fish with a few species that were much bigger than our last stop. The water was choppy out at the wreck and we had to swim against the current to get back on the catamaran.

TIP: If you’re not a strong swimmer, I would recommend wearing the floating device during this stop.

Following our second snorkeling adventure, we were guided back on the catamaran for lunch that was being served by our wonderful crew. Perfect timing! After all that snorkeling and swimming, we certainly worked up an appetite. We could smell zesty flavors mixed in with the Caribbean breeze as we swam up to the catamaran.

We helped ourselves to a generous portion of seafood paella, chicken potato salad and fruit. The paella had great flavor and was the perfect lunch for a day at sea. As our lunch settled, we listened to music, laying on the mesh of the deck and continued on our way to our last and final snorkeling spot – Malmok Reef.

Malmok Reefs shallow clear Caribbean waters make it a popular snorkeling spot. Apparently, this area is home to lobsters and octopuses. Unfortunately, we didn’t see any, but we did see a starfish! This was my first time seeing a starfish and I even had the chance to hold it for a moment. Really neat experience.

After about 4 hours, our tour was coming to an end. It went by so quickly and we wished there was more time to keep sailing the Caribbean ocean. We relaxed on our way back to Pelican Pier enjoying the open bar and music. It was about 2:00 PM when we returned to the pier and said farewell!

We enjoyed our time sailing with Pelican Adventures during our trip to Aruba. The crew was entertaining, fun, informative, and helpful. The 3 snorkeling locations were great and offered different marine life. Overall, this was a wonderful experience and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to spend a few hours at sea while in Aruba.

Thank you so much to Pelican Adventures for providing a complimentary tour. As always, all opinions are my own!

Have you snorkeled in the Caribbean? Tell me about your experience.

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