7 Day Guide to Maui

August 8, 2016

Aloha! Maui is a beautiful island located in Hawaii and the 17th largest island in the United States. On this island you will find beautiful beaches, people, culture, amazing cuisine and excursions. I recently traveled to Maui on my honeymoon with my husband and it was anything, but cliche! I’ve decided to share our trip and experiences and hope they will help you in planning your next trip to Maui.

First things first! Transportation. Renting a car in Maui is an absolute MUST! The island is rather big and without a car you won’t see nearly as much and spend a fortune using taxis or Uber. There are many options depending on your budget. We rented a car ahead of time through Enterprise. Enterprise has a location within the Kahului Airport and it was so convenient to pick up and drop of the vehicle. I would recommend a convertible or a Jeep. We opted for a convertible Mustang and it was awesome! It was so touristy, yet so perfect.


We stayed in the area of Wailea at the Wailea Beach Marriott Resort & Spa. We were gifted our stay at this resort by my father in law (thank you Tom). The resort was absolutely gorgeous with a breath taking view. The staff was so accommodating and friendly and made our stay here feel like home for our 7 day stay. Too bad we couldn’t stay forever!


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On the first day, we enjoyed our gorgeous hotel and got some Hawaiian sun by the infinity pool over looking Wailea Beach. We rented one of the beautiful cabanas, because why not? It’s our honeymoon right?!? We traveled 15 hours to be in Hawaii and we deserved it! We spent the entire day soaking up the sun, relaxing, swimming and drinking cocktails. Typically, I would go for Champagne, however when in Hawaii a Mai-Tai is essential!



Haleakala National Park for a Sunrise Bike Tour. This tour was amazing and I would highly recommend it to anyone that is adventurous and willing to wake up very early. We decided to use Haleakala Bike Tours. We had to be at the shop at 3 am. A van guided us up  10,000+ feet to Haleakala, which took approximately 90 minutes. We were able to watch the sunrise over the clouds and a volcano. It was absolutely worth the early wake up call and drive. The view was incredible and like nothing I had ever seen.


Following the Sunrise, we were driven down from the mountain to about 6,500 feet and given our Mountain Bikes and gear. We were able to experience a 23 mile bike ride down the mountain and back to the bike shop by 4 pm. The views on the way down were breath taking. I will say that there were many times I was extremely scared riding the mountain bike, as we were going down hill at a fast speed and having to be cautious of cars. It was all worth it in the end.



We decided to zip line at Piiholo Zipline. It was a great experience as we were able to zip down 5 different lines. The highest line reached 1,420 feet and was completely exhilarating. As you can imagine, the views as you zip down the line were incredible.



What is more Hawaiian than a Luau?! When in Hawaii you MUST go to a Luau. We chose to attend the Luau at the Wailea Marriott. This luau included a buffet and cocktails. It was beautiful and gave insight into Hawaiian Culture.


If you decide to splurge on one meal, PLEASE go to Mama’s Fish House. I can not say enough about this restaurant. It has an open concept and beautiful view of the ocean. Everything is 100% fresh. For our meal, we ordered the Mahi Mahi stuffed with Lobster and the Ono. Ono is a local fish similar to Ahi Tuna. For dessert, we had the signature Black pearl. TO DIE FOR! It was the best meal we had in Maui by far.


On Wailea beach you will find that many people are outdoors enjoying the many activities Hawaii has to offer. Snorkeling, paddle boarding and kayaking are a great way to get some exercise and a tan.  There is also a side path that extends for 1.5 miles that is great for a morning or evening walk. If you have the opportunity, watch the sunset from any location on the beach. The views are so serene.



No trip to Maui is complete unless you travel The Road to Hana. The first decision you need to make is whether you will drive yourself or take a tour. When driving, you travel at your own pace. On the other hand, van tours have expert guides driving for you, so you can focus solely on enjoying the ride. We were cautioned by many locals that the Road to Hana is dangerous and it is recommended to leave very early in order to see the major sites and head back before dark. The road is a long, and at times a one way road, that is very winding on cliffs. It’s not for the faint of heart but absolutely worth the trip. During your journey through Hana you will see beautiful beaches, gardens, hiking trails and waterfalls. Since we had a rental car, we decided we would go on our own. The biggest help on our self guided tour was The Road to Hana App. You play the app during your drive and it guides you through the most popular sightseeing stops. It’s just like having a tour guide in your car and prevents you from missing any important spots!

During our journey, we stopped to see the Twin Falls. These are the first waterfalls seen on The Road to Hana. Our next stop included The Garden of Eden, which holds century old trees and native plants.

Our next stop included Wai’anapanapa State Park, which includes a black sand beach and caves. Make sure you bring your bathing suit, towel and an extra change of clothes on this trip. There are stops along the Road to Hana for food, however I advise bringing additional snacks and beverages with you. There are picnic areas you can have lunch in most of the parks  and beaches.


Our last stop, included Kipahulu. Here you will find the Seven Sacred Pools, which are waterfalls that empty into pools which empty out into the ocean. You can climb down and go for a swim or even cliff dive (although its not recommended).  I suggest that you bring water shoes because of the fact that there are many rocks under the water and they can cut your feet.

Your journey past rainbow eucalyptus trees, bamboo forests, black and red sand beaches, 400 foot waterfalls, and Hana town itself will give you a taste of the real Hawaii. Old Hawaii. Of all the things to do in Maui. Don’t miss it!

Have you visited Maui? What was your favorite thing to do?

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  1. Thank you for all your recommendations. We have actually been (15 years ago) and did most of the items you mentioned and we are planning on doing them again in June. The road to Hana app is going to be amazing…thank you for sharing that!

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