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December 27, 2017

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! – Howard Johnson

The Museum of Ice Cream (MOIC for short) is a place where your wildest childhood dreams come true. Remember all those ideas you imagined as a kid about being in a world filled with ice cream? Well, this is the place where those dreams are transformed into real life! At the Museum of Ice Cream you can eat all the sweets you want and even swim in a pool of rainbow sprinkles!Today, I’m sharing my experience at the Museum of Ice Cream in Miami and some helpful information for visiting the museum. If you already have tickets, this post will show you what to expect on your tour of this colorful and tasty museum.

About The Museum

The Museum of Ice Cream is a pop up museum which started in New York City and has now made its way to Miami. The museum is a unique experience whether you’re an adult or child. This is not a typical museum. It’s more like an interactive experience where you go from room to room sampling different types of ice creams and sweets while snapping lots of pictures along the way.

Location of The Museum

3400 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33140

Parking: You can find street parking and there is also a parking lot adjacent to the Museum. I suggest downloading the Park mobile app to your smart phone in order to easily pay for parking. I paid approximately $4 to park for 2 hours.


Tickets can be purchased here for $38 per person. Children younger than age 3 don’t need a ticket. From there, you get a text a day before your scheduled tour with the mobile pass for you and your guests, if you purchased more than one ticket. Your ID must match the name on the ticket. In other words, they run a tight ship!

Currently, tickets are still available for the month of  January, however selling very quickly. Once tickets are sold out, it is possible they may extend the event and release more tickets so continue to check their website.

Tips Before Visiting

  • All tickets must be purchased in advance, tickets are not available for purchase onsite.
  • Your ticket is only valid on the date of the ticket without exception. 
  • Bring your camera!
  • Coordinate your outfit with the colors of the museum for some picture perfect shots.
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled time.
  • Enjoy each room and get all your photos before leaving. Once you leave a room you can not return.
  • Day tours will be hotter, but provide great lighting. The building has many windows and when traveling between rooms you must take outdoor stairs. I would suggest going earlier or later in the day when the temperatures are cooler. If not, you’ll be faced with hot spaces and sweaty underarms.

Included Treats

– Chocolate milkshake topped with whipped cream and a pink cherry.
– Chocolate covered banana
– Melted ice cream
– Candy bar including assorted gummies
– Key lime ice cream and cookies

The Scoop

First up, a 50s style diner serving up mini chocolate milkshakes. As you enter the room you will see these delicious treats coming out on a conveyor belt. Don’t be shy, grab one or two and explore the room.

Continue making your way through the different ice cream themed rooms and enjoy a special treat in each spot.

In typical Miami fashion, this room is pumping the music and involves a mini dance session. The room is filled with brightly colored ice cream cones with a functioning  fan.

Whether it’s a jungle with pink palm trees and swinging bananas and cherry wrecking balls or the candy room where you can build your own towers of treats to the pink sand room, the photos ops are endless.

Prepare to get down low to enter the coconut room. This pink room requires you to crawl on your hands and knees to get that perfect insta shot.

Looking to cool down? The next room you enter will be filled with hundreds of hanging popsicles. Unfortunately, the popsicles aren’t edible, but you can have a taste of some refreshing key lime pie ice cream.

Oh hey! Just looking for popsicles jokes, I didn’t come across any, but I did find the way to the sprinkle pool!

The sprinkle pool is the main event and what dreams are made of! 100 MILLION colorful sprinkles fill this unique pool!

This is the moment you have been waiting for! You will take an elevator down to the pool with a group of 10-12 people (meaning you have to share the pool).  I would suggest to start taking your shoes off in the elevator because you ONLY get 2 minutes in the sprinkle pool. That INCLUDES the time it takes you to take off your shoes, purse, etc and place it all in a locker. The more time you waste doing that the less time you get in the pool.

NOTE: The sprinkles are plastic and not edible.

If you’re trying to get photos without random people in them it’s going to be tough, especially with the limited time frame. Try your best to grab a good spot in the pool and snap away! Enjoy wiggling your toes through the sprinkles and tossing them into the air because this will probably be the only time you will have this opportunity! The best part is someone else is going to clean up the mess!

The Gift Shop

After you put your kicks back on, you will be directed to the gift shop area where your tour of the museum will come to an end. Didn’t get enough treats inside? The gift shop sells everything from sprinkles, shirts, candy and even unicorn snot. Feeling generous? Purchase a gift for a friend that couldn’t make it to the museum.

My Review

After spending an hour in the MOIC, I can say all my childhood dreams involving ice cream have come true! My favorite part was the sprinkle pool, although I wish I would have had more time to enjoy it. Was it worth $38? Meh, not in my opinion. Was it unique and fun? Yes. If you’re looking for a cute night out with your girlfriends and want to take some pictures ‘for the gram’ then it’s worth it. This is a great place to let your kids run around, get a sugar high and take adorable pictures of them in the process. Children will definitely enjoy the MOIC without a doubt! You might even experience a tantrum when it comes time to leave! The ice cream and treats aren’t really anything special. If you’re going for award winning ice cream then I suggest you just head over to Azucar.

NOTE: Those with food restrictions should keep in mind that aren’t any gluten, soy or dairy free options available.

Would you visit the Museum of Ice Cream?

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  1. I saw people going to this in SF too! Thanks for sharing your experience in Miami! Hope it comes to New England! The museum looks so fun and brightly colored. Great photo ops everywhere. Totally agree with this sentiment “… cute night out with your girlfriends and want to take some pictures ‘for the gram’ then it’s worth it.” Pinned it for later 🙂

    Was it very busy when you went? Ugh thing worse than paying $38 for an hour is if it’s crowded shoulder to shoulder with people.

    1. Thanks so much Hanna! I hope it makes it over to New England too! It’s actually not crowded at all. They divide people within groups during your scheduled time slot and actually do a great job guiding people through the Museum. Once you leave a room you can’t go back. You will be able to get plenty of photos without other people in them.

  2. I’m jealous!!:) This looks like so much fun! Loving your photos, I guess ice cream does make for awesome backgrounds huh:P I think I’d come out of there a lot heavier than when I went in…Thanks for sharing your experience, you’ve made me super hungry!

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