Reasons People are Obsessed with the New Edible Glitter for Champagne

April 23, 2017

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any fancier, Pop a Ball, created a rose gold shimmer powder with edible gold leaf hearts to add to your glass of champagne or prosecco. Sprinkle a touch of powder and watch your cocktail bubble up and then clear to reveal a magical rose gold shimmer. I mean, is this not the prettiest way to upgrade your champagne or prosecco?

Why are people OBESSED with this Rose Gold Shimmer Powder?

Taste – Pop a Ball’s shimmer powder has a raspberry flavor that is amazing! Even if you prefer to have your bubbly straight up, like myself, it’s hard to resist this delicious raspberry flavor.

Visual Effect – The fact that you can add shimmer dust to your cocktail and give it an iridescent finish is pretty awesome. Add half a spoonful to a glass of champagne and watch it fizz and casde down the flute, leaving being a lovely swirling pink shimmer. Watch the video below to see it for yourself.

Meets some Dietary restrictions – If you’re sensitive to gluten, have no fear, because the shimmer powder is gluten free. No animals were harmed in the process either, so it is Vegan friendly too!

Party Worthy – Whether you’re having your girlfriends over for cocktails or hosting an event, this rose gold powder will give that “WOW” factor. Imagine what your guests will be saying when you hand them a sparkling rose gold cocktail with floating gold leafed hearts! You most certainly won’t be “a basic bitch”!

Where to Purchase?

You can find this shimmery pink powder at Lakeland, a UK store, however they do not offer shipping to the United States.


For all my US friends – you can purchase this product online directly from Pop a Ball. The current price for this magic powder is approximately is about 8 USD, however shipping is on the pricier side. You have to pay the price to be glamorous right?

If you’re not crazy about shimmery powder in your bubbly, check out their juice bubbles that can be added to any cocktail!

On that note…Cheers! Rosé season is upon us!


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